What is a 'Personal Code'?

If you didn't get a code, then don't worry - only a few people ever get codes and they don't get them from Explorable. You are not missing anything.

A few users get a code from someone that use our technology.

For example, a hospital may give patients a code with a training program that the user is suppossed to do at home, specific to their situation, or to track their progress.

We create technology for hospitals, health care units and researchers. They use our technology to design interventions or content for patients, participants, next of kin.

In order to anonymize the user, they give them a "personal code" that enables the user to get the content they need, while staying anonymous.

For example, a researcher conducting a questionnaire, may give a code to a specific person. When they enter the code, they will get the content that is especially designed for them.

If you didn't explicitly get a code from someone, then there is no code.

You didn't miss anything :)

Use Explorable as before - we suggest starting on our overview guide.